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The Friends of Cerro Gordo is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation established to assist in the preservation, interpretation of Cerro Gordo ghost town.
The Friends of Cerro Gordo (FOCG) was formed in 2012 by a group of friends of the late owner Mike and Jody Patterson who were heavily involved in volunteering their time on the site, supporting it financially, and researching the rich history.
On August 13, 2014, exactly one hundred years and 30 days after the anniversary of the incorporation of Cerro Gordo Mines under the direction of Louis D. Gordon, the Friends of Cerro Gordo joined hands with Mike Patterson’s son, Sean Patterson, who became the town owner. The Friends assisted in the preservation, interpretation and public enjoyment of the town. Ownership of the town went to Brent Underwood in July, 2018, and the Friends of Cerro Gordo continued on as volunteers, historic consultants, and fundraisers to support restoration efforts.
When the iconic American Hotel burned down in a tragic fire on June 15, 2020, the Friends of Cerro Gordo immediately stepped up fundraising by creating The American Hotel Rebuilding Go Fund Me campaign. FOCG not only supports the rebuilding financially, but also with historic research, photographs and first hand knowledge of the hotel.
In addition to fundraising, and historic consulting to Cerro Gordo and outside media outlets, FOCG provides liability insurance for Cerro Gordo’s volunteers and moderates some of Cerro Gordo’s social media.
Donations to FOCG have funded the design of the American Hotel sprinkler system and 40,000 gallon water storage tank, purchase of masonry for the Hotel basement, initial architectural plans for hotel rebuilding, and many other smaller projects related to rebuilding.
“Tofu” and Brent Underwood dolls celebrate FOCG’s funding of a 40,000 water tank for the American Hotel sprinkler system.
FOCG’s most current project includes stocking the museum with the historic books directly related to Cerro Gordo and surrounding area. The Friends has also taken on acquiring, producing and publishing books that can be sold in the museum and in an online ebay store, with proceeds supporting Cerro Gordo.
We are not a membership organization as such, however all who volunteer, and donate to Cerro Gordo are considered Friends of Cerro Gordo. All FOCG directors are volunteers. We welcome you and thank you for your support. We couldn’t do this without you!!

There are two ways to donate:

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Our online store is selling the last original, signed, copies of From This Mountain–Cerro Gordo by Robert C. Likes and Glenn R. Day. Copies are also available at Cerro Gordo.

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