Underground SAR Training

Members of several Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD)  underground search and rescue (SAR) teams visited Cerro Gordo in May, 2022 to conduct underground training in the Union Mine and Safegard Tunnel.

Workings of the Union Consolidated Mine, colorized by level.


Cerro Gordo’s extensive underground workings of more than 25 miles of tunnels, stopes, winzes, raises and drifts provided a unique training opportunity for these elite SAR team members to practice their skills in an unfamiliar location.

The training was coordinated by the Friends of Cerro Gordo (FOCG) and Brent Underwood.

The training was recorded by LASD photographer Otis Sanders. Watch the video HERE.

SAR team members pose with Cecile Vargo, FOCG historian and author, outside the Union Mine hoisting works.
A SAR team member exits the Zero level tunnel at the Union Mine.
Brent Underwood helps lower a litter inside the Safegard Tunnel.

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